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Septic FAQ (click to read more)

-Should I get a Septic Inspection prior to buying a home/property?
+Yes. A septic system can cost anywhere from $5,000 to upwards of $20,000 to replace or repair. Getting a septic inspection can help you determine if the home you're buying is a good investment and may also allow for more bargaining room at the negotiating table.

-What does a Septic Inspection include?
+Our septic inspections include opening of the septic tank and all related accessible components. We thoroughly inspect the system's integrity and contents, and can advise you on if and when a pumping will be needed. Additionally, when accessible, we run a snake camera in the pipes from the house to tank, and to the drain field to determine if there are any repairs needed in these areas. We also do a flow test to ensure backing up of the system doesn't occur at the time of the inspection. We also check that setbacks and safety standards are met per state and county rules.

-Should I have the tank pumped during the inspection?
+Pumping of the tank during the inspection is optional. If the seller has disclosed that the tank has had issues in the past or has not been pumped in the last 5 years, then pumping may be advisable. If you're unsure about purchasing the property, you can save money by not pumping. During the course of the inspection, we will be able to advise you on how soon the tank may need pumping, and it can be scheduled for a later date. 

-Do you do repairs on septic systems?
+We offer repairs of all sizes for conventional gravity-fed septic systems in WNC. Please email us for quotes or more information.

Well FAQ (click to read more)

-Should I get a Well Inspection prior to buying a home/property?
+Yes. A well inspection will help provide you security in knowing that you have a reliable water source. Additionally, maintenance or repair issues found with the well system may allow you to negotiate the price lower with the seller, or force them to repair the issues found.

-What does a Well Inspection include?
+Our well inspection takes a comprehensive look at the well head, pressure system, and water table. We check to ensure that the well head is sealed properly, insulated, and up to code to prevent contamination of the water source. We then inspect the pressure system and its components to see how they are functioning and if maintained properly to ensure adequate water pressure to all faucets. Additionally, we check that the water filtration system is being maintained and in good condition. Lastly, we do a water flow test of approx. 100 gallons and monitor the water levels in the well- this allows us to determine the quality and health of the water table and well pump at the time of inspection.

-Is water quality testing included in a Well Inspection? Should I have my water tested?
+At this time, water quality testing is not included in a Well Inspection. We recommend that you have the water tested prior to buying a property, and have it tested annually to ensure potability.

-Do you do repairs on well systems?
+At this time we do not offer repairs or quotes on well systems. Please email us for a list of well drillers/contractors we recommend in your area.

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