Please use the following discount codes when you schedule an inspection if they apply:

-Note: You must use all CAPS when applying them in online scheduler-

Code: LGBTQ - 10% off your final bill to our friends in the LGBTQ community. You are always welcome in WNC!

Code: SERVED - 10% off if you served in any of the American Armed Forces. Thank you for your service.

Code: LOCALYOKEL - 10% off if you've actively lived in WNC for more than 15 years!

Code: WELCOME - 10% off your bill if the buyer's agent is using us for the first time. Can only be used once.


You may use only one of these per inspection request. This is an honor system, please do not use these codes if they do not actually apply.
Please note, we would like to make our inspections affordable to all those who need one. If you find that the cost of our inspection does not meet your budget - feel free to
contact us directly so we can provide you with other options.
Last updated: Jan. 2023